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Well designed jewellery for women with a unique sense of style.

Disc Earclimber


Earrings are having a fashion moment. From a curated ear of delicate studs to super hoops or beaded chandeliers. Go full runway with an asymmetric statment drop. Don’t want to go for a full piercing? Then we have answer; Stylish ear cuffs to achieve the look without having to commit. We have the perfect earrings for you and all from the most creative independent designers.

Disc Earclimber

Disk ear cuff silver.jpg
Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 15.19.45.png
Disk ear cuff silver.jpg
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Disc Earclimber


Designed and made by Mei-Li Rose.

The Disc ear cuff is a simple, unique design that adds a touch of style to any outfit. 

The cuff is designed for a pierced ear. The thin wire threads through your piercing and sits securely along the ear. 

Sold singularly, for the left ear.

Available in sterling silver, in a polished finish.

Dimensions: Disc diameter 4.5mm, total length 20mm.

Handmade in England. If we are out of stock it can be made to order within 2 weeks.

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