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The Wearer is an independent jewellery boutique showcasing unique contemporary jewellery brands. We want to share our passion for jewellery with you.


Rachel Richards

My mother knew if you bought a couple of really good architectural outfits and put your money into accessories, you could create a million different looks. She taught that to me, which I think was invaluable.
— Iris Apfel
 One of The Wearers favourite Iris looks; the googly eye bangles!

One of The Wearers favourite Iris looks; the googly eye bangles!


At The Wearer we firmly believe that style has nothing to do with age and everything to to with attitude. And this is why, without any shadow of doubt our number one style inspiration goes to Iris Apfel and her unique jewellery style.

If you haven't heard of her name by now; where have you been?! I won't give you her life history, although I do urge you to watch the Albert Maysles directed documentary from earlier this year to truly understand her fabulousness for yourself.

 Iris Apfel "More is more and less is a bore"

Iris Apfel "More is more and less is a bore"

How can you not be totally in love with this 94 year old style icon and her love for life, accessories and exciting jewellery?! She embraces the unique and thrives on individuality. Whenever I see a photo of this fabulous lady in one of her many fashion campaigns its enough to make me want to throw on four different necklaces at ones and flounce out the house in my most colourful scarf and biggest sunglasses. And how can you feel anything but fantastic, especially after hearing one of her nuggets of fashion advice! If I can keep this up until i'm 94 i'll be one happy lady.

For those of you less inclined to make such a fashion statement; there are still hundreds of reasons why you need to listen the wise advice of the amazing Iris Apfel. But for now i'll offer you just three:

1 - Understand that you don't need to pander to traditional beauty standards to be accepted. "i'm not pretty, and i'll never be pretty, but it doesn't matter. I have something much better. I have style." I love this quote! From girls through to grown women we are constantly assessed on our physical attributes whether we like it or not. Iris knows, that there is so much more to being a woman than conventional beauty standards.

2 - Accept and embrace other peoples ideas of style. It might not be your cup of tea but the world would be a dull place if we all dressed alike. During an interview with US blog One Kings Lane Iris wisely said "What's my style is not your style, and i don't see how you can define it. It's something that expresses who you are in your own way".

3 - Wear what makes you happy! Life is too short to not be happy! If you feel relaxed and happy in what you wear you will convey that attitude throughout life. "To have style you have to know who you are. What you can carry, what you're comfortable with, what you can afford, what makes you happy."