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The Wearer is an independent jewellery boutique showcasing unique contemporary jewellery brands. We want to share our passion for jewellery with you.

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The new collections are here!

Rachel Richards

I love summer and everything it brings (except wasps). Sunshine!  Ice-cream!  Holidays!  Sunglasses! And yes, we do have those at The Wearer, but unfortunately no ice-cream or holidays.  It does feel slightly crazy that just we just get our heads around the fact that it   summer is here and  the brand spanking new Autumn/Winter collections start arriving in the high street! It would be nice to just be able to enjoy summer while it lasts without the impending dread of those cold wet winters. Thats the joy of jewellery though; its so unseasonal so new just means NEW! Live in the moment with exciting work from our favourite London based designers that can be bought now and worn year round. The new collections are here!

Fear not, if you're just getting into the summer vibe and really want your accessories to provide that pop of colour we have just the thing from Longshaw Ward and their poppy brights to Ejing Zhang and her beautifully unique collection inspired by the colours  of  famous architecture and the brush strokes of Hockney. Metallics more your thing? Then  styling from  every day to out there  are provided by the beautiful new collections from Jessie Harris and Charlotte Valkeniers.  Jewellery lovers everywhere, ignore what the weather is doing  or what the hight street is dictating and just rejoice in the  gorgeous newness.

We can't even explain how in love we are with Ejing Zhangs beautiful resin designs and this season she has perfected the technique to incorporate subtly coloured resins and carefully selected threads to recreate the effect of brush stokes. These unique pieces epitomise what we find exciting about independent jewellery designers here at The Wearer. Ejing Zhangs AW17 collection incorporates four stunning colour options and introduces exciting new styles including the single Crescent earring. In response to current trends this versatile piece offers several different ways to wear and looks equally good worn in the ear or through a chunky knit or scarf when Autumn approaches. Inspired by simple architectural lines, rugged landscapes and sculptural forms. Each colour palette  is inspired by photography  of   buildings around the globe such as La Tourette by Le Courbusier and Walden 7 by Ricardo Bofill.

The AW17 collection from Longshaw Ward forms part of the second collection from the husband and wife duo.  We're huge fans of Kirsty Wards signature jewellery style and eclectic use of materials to produce these wonderfully eye catching pieces. Designed to make a statement these pendants, cuffs and shoulder duster earrings will have heads turning. Their 'demi-couture' jewellery is all handcrafted in their London studio and combines fluoro glass beads, star and leaf shapes with Swarovski ceramics and crystals, juxtaposed with hand worked aluminium for a more industrial feel. Heavily inspired by 1980's sci-fi movies, we want them ALL!

If you find the versatility of silver and gold finish more your style then the  elegant   new collection from Jessie Harris  (below) has the perfect mix of contemporary  shapes but with  a   playful edge. Or the unique motifs from Charlotte Valkeniers (bottom) mixing matt and shine silver and gold with just a sprinkling of sparkle that will make your style stand out.!

Jessie Harris' new  collection (above) is  a seamless transition from  her last making her  pieces so   collectable. If  you love her minimal aesthetic then Collection Five will get you  all hot under the collar  with those clean lines with  a playful twist! Jessie utilises  the   curl   and  tassel   motifs in a more fluid move on  from her previous designs and we just love  the feminine effect.  The  edited collection at The  Wearer includes her signature knocker earrings alongside those dance floor ready tassels that add a brand new movement to her styling. 

Charlotte Valkeniers collection follows a minimalistic approach. Every single one of her pieces is intricate and unique with an emphasis on attention to detail. Charlottes inspiration comes from looking   at the development of different types of binary coding, interpreting  these into  patterns of dots and dashes. She uses a combination of gold and silver plating within each piece often with her signature satin finish which gives her range of jewellery a thoroughly  contemporary appeal  that we love and think really contrasts and compliments the styles  of our other amazing designers within the boutique space.