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Well designed jewellery for women with a unique sense of style.

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Ruddock Jewellery

Ruddock jewellery has a distinctive, androgynous aesthetic and has been proudly supported by The Wearer since the brands emergence in 2016. Your new go to for designer jewellery from London.

Ruddock Jewellery

Ruddock is  the newest brand to be introduced by The Wearer and we are very excited to have   her  on board! We love  her distinctive androgynous aesthetic and that these pieces are to be worn and loved by men and women alike.

Each bold design is beautifully finished in high quality 18k gold, rose gold  plating or in solid Sterling Silver

What started as a hobby and a creative outlet  has developed into an exciting new London brand and The Wearer is proud to be  the  first stockists of the very first Ruddock jewellery collection.

Arlo Cuff by Ruddock

Arlo Cuff by Ruddock

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