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Well designed jewellery for women with a unique sense of style.


Matthew Calvin

Collectible styling from London jewellery designer Matthew Calvin. Clean lines and hand crafted finishes give his designs a modern edge.

Matthew Calvin

Matthew Calvin is the designer and producer of stylish, contemporary jewellery. Clean lines and a hand crafted finish give his designs a modern edge whilst maintaining a strong sense of femininity.  We have become slightly obsessed with his very collectible studs and earrings  at The Wearer!

He has been highly influenced by his travels and Matthew has lived in Paris, Barcelona and London and frequently visits Asia and Africa. Currently based in London, he finds his inspiration in the modern physical world around him and the way we each interact with it and each other.

Each piece is individually handmade to the highest standard with great attention to detail and finishing. 

Matthew Calvin at work in his studio

Matthew Calvin at work in his studio