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Rachel Richards

If you're anything like me you could well have a jewellery collection thats verging on out of control. A vast array of necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, earrings, of all styles and brands. A standard jewellery box just doesn't cut it. I have found it almost impossible to find the perfect storage solution for all my favourite pieces.

I tried my very best to cut back on my obsession, i really did! A year ago this week I made the worst decision of my life; to have a jewellery sale and cull my collection by 50%. I mourn those lost pieces every day. So now I have set myself the 'difficult' task of building that collection right back up again! But this time i'll have to be more imaginative with my storage ideas so it doesn't get out of control. Here they are; my top 5 jewellery storage hacks:


You must have those statement pieces that are just too good to pack away and hide in boxes? So don't! Get creative with them out and display them on your walls like works of art. Statement necklaces hanging over wooden baby hangers and artfully displayed on your bedroom wall can look unique and sophisticated. Keep it simple; one favourite piece per hanger (don't overload!) Using small hangers keeps the necklaces open and avoids them collapsing lin on themselves as you might get from using a single hook. White painted hangers on a white wall look particularly striking. Works well for the more unique jewellery pieces in your collection; for example; these amazing block colour statement necklaces.

Pharaoh Necklace £210, Eleanor Bolton

Pharaoh Necklace £210, Eleanor Bolton


Teo Necklace £45, One We Made Earlier

Teo Necklace £45, One We Made Earlier

Maybe your pieces are a little too delicate to adorn your bedroom walls. In which case they are probably also prone to tangling up with the rest of your collection of necklaces. It may not be the most attractive addition to your wardrobe but trust me, it works a treat. This handy 'dress' from Japanese brand Umbra slots neatly into your wardrobe and is covered in individual clear pockets so you can quickly locate your smallest of stud earrings. Perhaps something like these bang on trend rose gold studs? 

Nugget Studs £75, Ros Millar

Nugget Studs £75, Ros Millar

Meteorite Textured Round Studs £35, Matthew Calvin

Meteorite Textured Round Studs £35, Matthew Calvin


Seriously....where would we be without Muji? They're discreet storage solutions are perfect for a small house like mine. These acrylic drawer compartments keep more delicate and precious metal jewellery protected from the tarnishing effects of air on your silver jewellery. 

Displayed on top of a dressing table to show off your collection, they would look particularly good displaying these colourful pendants from Lily Kamper (if Father Christmas has been particularly good to you!) 


OK, so sometimes its just necessary to use every available inch of space you have and fancy display ideas aren't going to cut it. They might not be the epitome of sophistication but Ziplock freezer bags work a treat....and they're cheap, giving you more money to spend on your fabulous jewellery collection. Keep your favourite necklaces tangle free and your best cuff bracelets safe when they are stuffed into the drawer in your bedside table (in case you're wondering how i keep my overspill!). Pack a small sachet of silicone crystals in the bag alongside your pieces to keep your silver jewellery looking as good as new. 


Let face it, freezer bags are not going to be everyones ideal storage solution! They might be handy as hell but they don't look pretty! And not much good if you're lacking drawer space. The final idea can be created 'on the cheap' but still look fabulous and is fun as it draws on another one of my hobbies; delving into flea markets and charity shops. A mismatched collection of bowls and tea cups can look quirky and cool and perfect if, like me, you have a collection of sparkly vintage crystal pieces to show off.

pictures courtesy of No Glitter No Glory

pictures courtesy of No Glitter No Glory