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Well designed jewellery for women with a unique sense of style.

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The Wearer is an independent jewellery boutique showcasing unique contemporary jewellery brands. We want to share our passion for jewellery with you.


Rachel Richards

Inspirational, world famous, sell out fashion exhibitions over the past few years have included Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980sDavid Bowie Is… to the emotional and exciting Savage Beauty and include the smaller but no less ground breaking What is Luxury? and Shoes: The Pleasure and The Pain. But even without the current rotation of contemporary exhibitions, the static halls have been an inspiration for designers and artists through the decades. The Wearer even owes its name to the exciting and inspiring trips as a child. So we took a trip back to the jewellery hall where the obsession started…..

If you’ve never been to this magical jewellery box in the heart of the V&A its well worth a visit. 

If you’re a jewellery lover like me (and i know you are!) you will be in your element. What I love about this darkened spot-lit room is that the offer on show isn’t just ancient adornments but beautifully crafted jewellery right up to the present day.

Photography is banned due to the high value of the items inside but the knowledgeable and helpful staff are on hand to guide you though the history of jewellery and why, still to this day we love to wear so much of the stuff. 

When you consider how important and personal jewellery can be to the wearer its strange to consider that jewellery does nothing more to enhance your life. It doesn’t keep you warm like clothes, it doesn’t hold your belongings like a bag and it doesn’t protect your feet like shoes do. (OK, we admit that we don't necessarily buy any of those things for their practical qualities!)

Despite this, jewellery is worn as a universal form of adornment; from the cradle to the grave. Jewellery adorns and protects the wearer on the journey through life.

It is clear how important Jewellery is to our lives as human beings when you see the exceptional work and high prices that goes into some of the most intricate, beautiful pieces.

And for us at The Wearer; this is where we got our name. A 1901 Charles Robert Ashbee Peacock necklace viewed and loved in the V&A as a 12 year old has grown into a passion for all things bijoux. ‘The Wearer’ is the title of the poem written by Colette Bryce about this beautiful art deco piece.

We agree with the sentiment of one of the earliest Arts and Crafts jewellery designers. Ashbee believed that the value of jewellery lay in its design and craftmanship, not in the monetary value of the materials used. 

This is what we aim to bring to you at The Wearer. Exciting and uniquely crafted designs that don’t cost the earth but speak to your personality. And if they offer protection through life then thats got to be a bonus, right?